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Mindset Matters 

Do you notice yourself dreading an upcoming change?Maybe others in your life are feeling the same way?


Certain “Mindsets” Help you Handle Change Better

The latest research in neuroscience shows that installing certain mindsets can make a HUGE difference. They can improve your ability to make unexpected changes, and perhaps unwanted changes, work FOR you. You can install mindsets in your own mind, so that they go on autopilot. You don’t have to WILL yourself to be that way. It’s much like you’d install software in your computer. In fact, you do it all the time anyway. Becoming conscious of that process can make it quicker and easier for yourself and others.


Here are the 3 for shifting your mindset around challenging change.


#1 – Change Your Physicality


Strangely enough how you sit, stand and move can powerfully influence your mindset. 


#2 – You’re an Expert


The second one is a question you would ask yourself or your team. It’s a question which can break you free of a limiting view of yourself and your capacities. The next time you encounter a challenge ask yourself, “If I were an expert at solving this issue, what would I do that I’m not doing now?”


#3 – Imagine Benefits AFTER the Change


Our brains are hardwired to hold onto what’s familiar, even if it’s causing problems. Most people are holding on to things, people, places, jobs, things, timelines, systems, software, attitudes, and roles, that no longer serve them, just to avoid the discomfort of change. 


We all have areas where we are holding on inappropriately, in big ways and small. What helps a person let go is usually to inspire them with the new possibility, trigger their imagination of how life could be better on the other side of the change. It can also help to get a practical experience of the benefits of the new.


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10 Ways To get Serious About Your Future

10 Ways to Get Serious About Your Future -Make mental strength your greatest trait.
Your Action Plan is a monthly to-do list of tips straight from SUCCESS magazine – 10 things you can do right now to improve yourself and your life.

1. Toughen up.

The next time you’re tempted to postpone a difficult conversation, remind yourself that great leaders need to make tough decisions to achieve more. Schedule it immediately and don’t talk yourself out of it.

2. Swap the sweets.

The average person eats 22 teaspoons of sugar every day. Commit to healthier options by substituting the sugar for your coffee with a spoonful of raw honey or a natural sweetener.

3. Take responsibility.

Your life is your own. Circumstances can arise that are out of your control. But you alone are responsible for your happiness. Don’t let anyone else hold that power.

4. Picture the end.

Write down your biggest goal. Now envision yourself achieving that goal. Imagine how accomplished you’ll feel. Keep that feeling in mind as you progress toward your goal.

5. See gratitude.

Every day this week, write down three things you’re thankful for. They don’t need to be big and you don’t need to make a production out of it. Commit to seeing the good in your life and watch a positive habit form.

6. Never give up.

Challenges are inevitable. How you respond to those challenges will define who you are. Reframe your mental attitude when difficult situations arise. Remind yourself that the hard times are a vital part of success.

7. Reach out.

The feeling of not being enough is a universal one. Embrace that uncomfortable feeling and strive to create authentic, vulnerable connections with those around you.

8. Do difficult.

Life isn’t easy. The challenges you face inevitably make you stronger. The next time you face a difficult challenge, tell yourself good and keep pushing forward.

9. Be present.

Take a couple members of your team out to lunch. Get to know them, not as employees but as people. Ask about their dreams, goals and future plans. Ask how you can help them achieve those goals.

10. Push yourself.

Commit to doing one difficult thing every day this week. Step outside of your comfort zone and relish the uncomfortable feeling of learning new things.

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Calling All Holiday Lovers

((((***Calling all Holiday Lovers***))))

In our lives we get so caught up with trying to get ahead and with chasing after the things we want that we forget to enjoy the things that we have right in front of us right now!
Over the past 10 years things haven’t got any easier…

With the internet and Social Media playing such a big role in our lives it seems that, at times, we have forgotten how to go out and Enjoy our Lives. I see you smiling because you know its true

This “Busy” (it’s not really busy) life we all have become used to is exactly why I made a commitment to choose to stop the madness and decided to Live Life again and starting to have fun…
As I began to do this, many people began to express an interest in how I was not only enjoying my life again, but also how I turned that enjoyment into a very Simple Business Model.

The idea of being able to Live and Enjoy Your Life and Monetize it was definitely intriguing to many. The things I enjoy (Family, Friends, Holidays, Karaoke, Gym, Walking, Travelling) combined with One Skill Set did this for me..


And it can do it for YOU as well 🙂

Think about the things you enjoy….

(Make a short list if you want)

Comment “Yes” and I’ll send you more info on how you can do this too.

Life was meant to be Lived….Start Living It and start having fun!!


Take a tour on this amazing business I am part of you will be glad you did 

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Believe in Yourself

Great article I read by a top NLP coach and is so worth reading as it’s fact!

On your way to the top…
Some will support you, some will try to sabotage you

Some will give you love, others will hate on you,

Some will be with you, others will attack you.

EVERY single person is going to have an OPINION.

But NO MATTER how people treat you or respond to you its important you know these things:

The Only person that needs to believe in you IS YOU

The Only person who needs to support you IS YOU 

You have to trust IN YOU, you have to trust in YOUR DECISIONS, trust in your integrity and trust in YOUR VISION to make this world a better place. TRUST YOURSELF!!

Note: If you rely on approval from others or if you depend on others to behave a certain way or if you expect everyone to support you THEN you will experience pain. The way out is to LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY, TO KNOW EVERYONE IS DOING THE BEST THEY CAN WITH THE RESOURCES THAT THEY HAVE, TO KNOW YOUR OWN VALUE , TO KNOW YOUR OWN WORTH AND TO BELIEVE IN YOU AND TRUST IN YOU then you will experience the Happiness and Success you deserve!!

People are NOT their behaviours, they have learned all their behaviours from the environment and their social conditioning. How people behave is a reflection of how they see themselves and how you respond is a reflection of how you see you.

If life knocks you down or if you get punched in the face YOUR WHY and YOUR VISION must be greater than any obstacle and greater than any knockdown. If it was easy everybody would be doing it!

Stay strong, stay committed and NEVER EVER EVER QUIT!!!! 


Always be conscious of what you put out, because life will give you back what you put out.

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Be yourself and don’t compare!!

I’ve just come across this and want to say we are all on the same journey after all we’re all here to lose weight improve our health and be happy with the way we look and feel 

We are all different shapes and sizes and some have faster metabolism than others 

So what I will say is please don’t compare yourself to others everyone is different 

You may lose more inches than Lbs which is why it’s important to measure 

Drink enough water 

Up your fibre intake and eat healthy 

Slow and steady wins the race you are more likely to keep weight off losing it gradually 😘

Keep going 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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Oooops I did it again!!

If you’ve ever dieted, you know it can be hard.
People who fail in their diet think it’s because they cheated on their plan. The truth is that they’re making it too hard for themselves. They set unrealistic goals or fail to give themselves any breaks.
Are you making your plan too hard or too big? Do you set out to exercise for two hours every day? Do you give yourself a weight loss goal that would be nearly impossible, or even unhealthy?
If so, you are setting yourself up for failure.
Solution: Instead of swearing that you’re going to lose 30lbs in a month or 100lbs in a year, set small goals that you can achieve. It may take longer, but it will be more sustainable.

#14DaysToFabulous #TeamVictorious

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Your at War!!!

You are at War…..
This isn’t a war with some sort of religious extremism or a foreign threat.
Its far more deadly than that… and very personal. This war is inside you. Everyday you get up the battle begins.
The foolish ignore the fight instead choosing the easy road of comfort, complacency and ignorance. But this always leads to severe consequences and wounds that sometimes never heal. But if you are smart you will see behind the thin veil of deceit and see things for what they really are.
Where is this enemy you ask?   

The enemy is inside you…
It’s your selfish priorities and desires that take you away from your family.

It’s your blind ambitions that keep you too busy to help your neighbor.

It’s your anger and resentment towards the people in the traffic jam.

It’s your hunger for junk food, self gratification and booze.

It’s your laziness that keeps you in bed longer than you should.

It’s your lust for more than you need.

It’s your jealousy over the success of a friend.

It’s your sense of entitlement and feeling sorry for yourself that tells you its okay to eat the whole damn bag of cookies just cause you had a bad day.
This is the “bad wolf” and he is ruining your life and stealing away your happiness. Then, just when you think you cant go on you become aware of another wolf.
This wolf is noble, strong and righteous.

This wolf resists temptation.

This wolf runs into the battle with courage.

This wolf sticks it out no matter what loss or pain comes his way.

This wolf takes only what he needs and nothing more.

This wolf takes pleasure in helping others achieve success and thrive.
This is the “good wolf”.

The question then is – which wolf will win today?
The answer is simple- the one you feed.
Today you and I will stand up to the bad wolf, look him on the eye and tell him to pi** off. You wont feed him by giving him any of your time or attention. And by doing this you will win.
Once more into the Frey

Into the last good fight I will ever know

To live and die on this day.

To live and die on this day.
Losing body fat and achieving your goals is a FIGHT that will require all of your strength. You will be tempted and taunted to fall off course and give in to mediocrity. But you will beat that wolf…and become stronger as a result.
Life was not meant to be easy- its a daily fight full of small battles that you and I must win.
Seize this day and be the champion you were born to be.
#14DaysToFabulous #TeamVictorious

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Let me ask you a question???

Let me ask you a question:
Are you one of the 1.9 BILLION people world-wide that are overweight, desperately wanting to trim off those unwanted, unattractive pounds? Even worse, did you know that research shows that 95% of people who attempt to lose weight will FAIL, and fail miserably? The numbers aren’t pretty, and when looking at statistics like these, it almost seems that if you’re overweight today, then you’re doomed to be overweight for life…
Until now…
You see, to solve any problem, you first have to identify the underlying reason causing it – and then address it head on. And when it comes to your previously failed weight loss efforts, the REAL reason why so many have struggled to lose that unwanted flab over and over again:
Simply put, you get hungry, you have cravings, and you give in. That’s it.
Curb those cravings… you know who to call 

(No, it’s not the Ghostbusters!)

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