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Mindset Matters 

Do you notice yourself dreading an upcoming change?Maybe others in your life are feeling the same way?


Certain “Mindsets” Help you Handle Change Better

The latest research in neuroscience shows that installing certain mindsets can make a HUGE difference. They can improve your ability to make unexpected changes, and perhaps unwanted changes, work FOR you. You can install mindsets in your own mind, so that they go on autopilot. You don’t have to WILL yourself to be that way. It’s much like you’d install software in your computer. In fact, you do it all the time anyway. Becoming conscious of that process can make it quicker and easier for yourself and others.


Here are the 3 for shifting your mindset around challenging change.


#1 – Change Your Physicality


Strangely enough how you sit, stand and move can powerfully influence your mindset. 


#2 – You’re an Expert


The second one is a question you would ask yourself or your team. It’s a question which can break you free of a limiting view of yourself and your capacities. The next time you encounter a challenge ask yourself, “If I were an expert at solving this issue, what would I do that I’m not doing now?”


#3 – Imagine Benefits AFTER the Change


Our brains are hardwired to hold onto what’s familiar, even if it’s causing problems. Most people are holding on to things, people, places, jobs, things, timelines, systems, software, attitudes, and roles, that no longer serve them, just to avoid the discomfort of change. 


We all have areas where we are holding on inappropriately, in big ways and small. What helps a person let go is usually to inspire them with the new possibility, trigger their imagination of how life could be better on the other side of the change. It can also help to get a practical experience of the benefits of the new.



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