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Almond milk & the benefits 

ALMOND MILK. Have you jumped on the bandwagon?
If not, then you’re missing out on the many benefits it offers.

Almond milk is loaded with important nutrients that make a big difference in your overall health and on top of that, it tastes delicious!
Almond milk is made from ground almonds and water. Most include added sweeteners, so you want to make sure to look for “unsweetened” on the carton before you buy.
You may think almond milk is only for vegetarians or people who are sensitive to cow’s milk, but that’s not true.
It’s a great low-fat, high-energy drink, and it’s the most popular non-animal milk. Plus, it’s usually fortified with nutrients like Vitamin A, E and D.
9 Ways Your Body Will Thank You for Drinking Almond Milk:
🥛It’s good for your heart.
Almond milk has no cholesterol, and research shows that it may cut the risk of heart disease.

One study showed that replacing the saturated fats in cow milk with a nut milk can cut heart disease risk by 45%.
Almond milk is also high in potassium, which works to keep coronary arteries clear and reduces stress on the cardiovascular system.
🥛It keeps blood pressure stable.
Almond milk is low in sodium, and its high levels of potassium and calcium can help keep blood pressure levels low.
🥛It builds strong muscles.
Almond milk is high in riboflavin which regulates muscle strength and growth and helps the body repair itself. It also provides you with 4% of your daily recommended intake of iron.
🥛It helps fight Alzheimer’s disease.
Almond milk is high in Vitamin D. This important nutrient has been shown to decrease the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

Not to mention, Vitamin D deficiency is now so common that it’s considered a global epidemic.
🥛It helps fight migraine headaches.
The high levels of riboflavin in almond milk have been shown to help prevent chronic migraine headaches from occurring.
🥛It’s blood sugar friendly.
If you have diabetes, almond milk is a great addition to your diet. It has just 8 grams of carbohydrates and 7 of them are sugars. This is far better for you than the simple sugars found in dairy milk.
🥛It builds strong bones.
One cup of almond milk contains 300 mg of calcium. That’s 30% of your daily recommended intake. Calcium builds strong teeth and bones and prevents osteoporosis.
🥛It’s good for your skin.
Almond milk contains vitamin E and antioxidants, both of these help to improve the health of your skin.
🥛It helps fight cancer.
A study published in 2011 said that almond milk helps suppress the growth of prostate cancer cells.


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