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Believe in Yourself

Great article I read by a top NLP coach and is so worth reading as it’s fact!

On your way to the top…
Some will support you, some will try to sabotage you

Some will give you love, others will hate on you,

Some will be with you, others will attack you.

EVERY single person is going to have an OPINION.

But NO MATTER how people treat you or respond to you its important you know these things:

The Only person that needs to believe in you IS YOU

The Only person who needs to support you IS YOU 

You have to trust IN YOU, you have to trust in YOUR DECISIONS, trust in your integrity and trust in YOUR VISION to make this world a better place. TRUST YOURSELF!!

Note: If you rely on approval from others or if you depend on others to behave a certain way or if you expect everyone to support you THEN you will experience pain. The way out is to LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY, TO KNOW EVERYONE IS DOING THE BEST THEY CAN WITH THE RESOURCES THAT THEY HAVE, TO KNOW YOUR OWN VALUE , TO KNOW YOUR OWN WORTH AND TO BELIEVE IN YOU AND TRUST IN YOU then you will experience the Happiness and Success you deserve!!

People are NOT their behaviours, they have learned all their behaviours from the environment and their social conditioning. How people behave is a reflection of how they see themselves and how you respond is a reflection of how you see you.

If life knocks you down or if you get punched in the face YOUR WHY and YOUR VISION must be greater than any obstacle and greater than any knockdown. If it was easy everybody would be doing it!

Stay strong, stay committed and NEVER EVER EVER QUIT!!!! 


Always be conscious of what you put out, because life will give you back what you put out.


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