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Your at War!!!

You are at War…..
This isn’t a war with some sort of religious extremism or a foreign threat.
Its far more deadly than that… and very personal. This war is inside you. Everyday you get up the battle begins.
The foolish ignore the fight instead choosing the easy road of comfort, complacency and ignorance. But this always leads to severe consequences and wounds that sometimes never heal. But if you are smart you will see behind the thin veil of deceit and see things for what they really are.
Where is this enemy you ask?   

The enemy is inside you…
It’s your selfish priorities and desires that take you away from your family.

It’s your blind ambitions that keep you too busy to help your neighbor.

It’s your anger and resentment towards the people in the traffic jam.

It’s your hunger for junk food, self gratification and booze.

It’s your laziness that keeps you in bed longer than you should.

It’s your lust for more than you need.

It’s your jealousy over the success of a friend.

It’s your sense of entitlement and feeling sorry for yourself that tells you its okay to eat the whole damn bag of cookies just cause you had a bad day.
This is the “bad wolf” and he is ruining your life and stealing away your happiness. Then, just when you think you cant go on you become aware of another wolf.
This wolf is noble, strong and righteous.

This wolf resists temptation.

This wolf runs into the battle with courage.

This wolf sticks it out no matter what loss or pain comes his way.

This wolf takes only what he needs and nothing more.

This wolf takes pleasure in helping others achieve success and thrive.
This is the “good wolf”.

The question then is – which wolf will win today?
The answer is simple- the one you feed.
Today you and I will stand up to the bad wolf, look him on the eye and tell him to pi** off. You wont feed him by giving him any of your time or attention. And by doing this you will win.
Once more into the Frey

Into the last good fight I will ever know

To live and die on this day.

To live and die on this day.
Losing body fat and achieving your goals is a FIGHT that will require all of your strength. You will be tempted and taunted to fall off course and give in to mediocrity. But you will beat that wolf…and become stronger as a result.
Life was not meant to be easy- its a daily fight full of small battles that you and I must win.
Seize this day and be the champion you were born to be.
#14DaysToFabulous #TeamVictorious


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