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Having a Bad Day

We all fall off the wagon – don’t we! 
The #1 question I get asked is, “How to I start over if I ‘cheat’ for a day or two?”

If you’re human, like me, and you mess up your fitness/nutrition/new lifestyle plan once in a while, just make sure you do this EVERY time you fall off the wagon:📌Increase your water intake the following day.

After a cheat your body will hold on to more water. Drinking more the following day will help flush this extra water from your system. Add a squeeze of lemon to make your body more alkaline as well.

📌Throw out any leftover remnants of your cheat.

There is no point in surrounding yourself with temptations. Get rid of all the processed, sugar filled snacks and sweets and get back on track with your healthy eating.

📌Drink herbal teas.

This will help flush out the toxins and water weight that your body is holding on to.

📌Perform a cardio workout. 

Try an interval session 2/3 times a week.

No more excuses it’s normal to have a blip!!


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